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  • Enjoy the beautiful Cherry Blossom Festival
  • Join the Festive Light Festival at Nabana No Sato Park
  • Enjoy BBQ beef
  • Experience the journey from Kakegawa station to Kodama by Shinkansen high speed train
  • Japanese Osen relaxation
  • Enjoy shopping at major shopping centers


  • When visiting the Royal Palace (Bangkok) should dress politely, women are not allowed to wear short skirts, open neck shirt, sandals must have straps. If you violate this, you will not be able to enter inside the tour.
  • When taking photos you do not climb the Buddha statues to take pictures
  • Always respect for people older than you in Thailand.
  • In a public place, you should not make a loud noise even in anger
  • You should wear clothes that are suitable for the climate at the time of going in and should bring a low pair of shoes for a comfortable and comfortable tour.

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