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Thailand Tours

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  • Admire the famous Buddhist temples and statues of Thailand such as Golden Mountain Temple, Khao Bao Buddhist Temple Khao Chee Chan, Wat Nong Khet Yai Temple ...
  • Comfortable experience of water sports on Koh Sak Atoll - paradise for vacation
  • Enjoy the spectacular Alcazar / Colosseum cultural show performed by transsexual artists
  • Explore the amazing sea world in the heart of Bangkok at the BKK Sea Life Ocean World
  • Immerse yourself in the shopping world at major Thai trade centers


  • When visiting the Royal Palace (Bangkok) should dress politely, women are not allowed to wear short skirts, open neck shirt, sandals must have straps. If you violate this, you will not be able to enter inside the tour.
  • When taking photos you do not climb the Buddha statues to take pictures.
  • Always respect for people older than you in Thailand.
  • In a public place, you should not make a loud noise even in anger.
  • You should wear clothes that are suitable for the climate at the time of going in and should bring a low pair of shoes for a comfortable and comfortable tour.

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Common Questions Travelers Ask Us

Temperatures in Thailand range from 27oc - 35oc. It is influenced by tropical monsoon climate, so there are seasons like Vietnam.

Thailand has a relatively high temperature, so the most pleasant and cool time to travel to Thailand is the end of the year from around October to January next year. This time will be very little rain and cool climate, sunny sunshine.

If you like to discover the best features in the culture of tourism, festival culture here, April is the ideal time because it is the festival season in Thailand. Besides, if being a follower of shopping, the biggest discount season in the year is summer with countless shops and fashion houses simultaneously offering discounts and promotions.
With luggage, you should not put rare and precious things in your luggage, especially checked baggage (gold, silver, electronics, etc.). Hand luggage should be compact, and to fit in the luggage compartment, be careful not to sharp objects (knives, scissors ...) and liquids over 100ml into hand luggage.

Because there are a number of tourist destinations in the schedule such as visiting the Royal Palace, temples and these places, there are polite and discreet dress codes, so you need to bring a skirt that is too long without your knees or wearing According to the neck, long pants.

You should bring a swimsuit, glasses, sunscreen, a hat and flip flops / plastic sandals to visit Coral Island or go to the beach for convenience.
Thai currency is Baht (Exchange rate can change at all times).

USD 1 ~ 30 BAHT

1 BAHT ~ 700 VND

You should exchange money from money changers at home, at safe exchange counters, or by local HDV. Do not or refrain from exchanging money at local exchange counters because the exchange rate is much different and not safe.
As soon as you arrive at the hotel, remember to take the hotel business card (and the map if available) and take it with you in case of a lost road, you can call a taxi to the hotel by the address indicated on the card. When checking in, the first thing you need to do is check the electrical appliances in the room or sanitation facilities to see if they are working properly. If so, please inform the tour guide or receptionist immediately. Hotels in Thailand are mostly not equipped with toothpaste, brush, shampoo for guests, so you need to bring from home or buy in Thailand when you arrive.
Food in Thailand is sour and hot, so not everyone can eat it. The operator often places the menu according to Vietnamese tastes (but for Thai people to cook) to match the taste. However, if you are traveling with an elderly or small child, you should bring a scoop, sesame and salt to make sure. Note absolutely, do not buy / carry durian on airplanes, cars and especially hotels. The hotel will charge a lot of money if you bring durian to your room.
It is advisable to shop in supermarkets or shopping centers because prices are clearly listed there. Some places you can go shopping: Big C supermarket, shopping center Siam Paragon, MBK, Siam center

You can also shop at the local market or the night market, but you need to pay well.

Some items are often bought as souvenirs in Thailand: soap, dry goods, shampoo, wind oil, elephant keychains ...

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